Newport Pagnell Vintage Marquee Wedding


Today Confetti Event Catering are wedding catering in Newport Pagnell for Silvia and Tony. They are a more mature couple and have both been married previously and are now ready to tie the knot to each other after being engaged for the last five years. The ceremony is in a church about 200 meters away and they have had a marquee erected in the field opposite their lovely bungalow which i must say has the most lovely views across the Bedfordshire countryside.
We sent Silvia the menus and met up with them a while later to discuss the menu in more detail and also talk about the service that they would like. It was most important to them that the day was very relaxed but still had a formal approach and service was most important. They wanted their guests to feel special and pampered… It was a day for everyone and not just for them.
They also wanted a vintage feel to the day as well so asked if we could bear this in mind when providing crockery and cutlery.
The wedding was quite grand and the marquee in Newport Pagnell looked splendid with cream lining, ivory drapes and swags and Gold chandeliers hung from the marquee roof.
Catering is all about timing and after many years of wedding catering in Hertfordshire and corporate event catering in London, we feel we are extremely good at what we do. So we set off with plenty of time to spare and arrived nice and early and relaxed. Next we unloaded our van and arranged equipment in the appropriate area for where each service would be.
Canapes and arrival drinks were in the back garden so we set up a drinks buffet table and all the glassware hire was placed in the garage next to garden. We set up our kitchen in the catering annex attached to the marquee and our bar staff set up the mobile bar hire in the main marquee. All of our equipment was in place and it was still only about ten in the morning so we all sat down and had a nice cuppa and some bacon butties. Silvia was in and out of the marquee and could not believe how relaxed we were. She kept saying i thought you would be running around like headless chickens…. You all make it look so easy. Wedding catering is not easy but if you plan well ahead and have a schedule worked out for the day everything always goes to plan. That is what Confetti Event Catering is so well known for… Providing quality wedding catering at a reasonable price and getting it spot on every time. It’s all down to planning ahead and being calm and relaxed.
After our breakfast, our chefs started preparing the seasonal vegetables for the main course and prepared the cold canapés that were to be transferred to the fridge near the back garden to be served later with the arrival drinks. Of course some canapés were to be served hot so bases were made for these and they would be finished off as and when needed.
Our waitresses were now busy in the marquee setting tables with cutlery, glassware and decorations to the plans that Silvia had given us. The marquee looked absolutely beautiful after the waitresses had added the final touches.
At 3:45 pm the guests started to arrive at Silvia and Tony’s wedding and headed to the church for the ceremony so now we knew we had about an hour before canapés. A bit of excitement kicks in now as you know for the next four hours or so it is nonstop and all of the planning has now got to be turned into action.
Our waitresses in their Confetti event Catering uniforms were waiting to greet the guests as they wandered into the back garden. Champagne and Pimms was served as they walked through the gate and down the windy footpath that was bordered by summer bedding plants and lovingly pruned bushes. It was like walking into a magical kingdom… blossom everywhere and the sweet smell of summer was wafting around.
The waitresses mingled with the guests with the first helpings of the cold canapés which consisted of smoked salmon on homemade dill scones with a horseradish and crème fraiche topping and another canapé option of roasted cherry tomato with feta and black olive on a parmesan shortbread biscuit.
While the first wave of canapés was being devoured our chefs were making the second wave of hot canapés and also starting to cook the main course which was just over an hour or so away. The waitresses headed back to the garden with canapé trays of fillet of beef with a salsa Verdi on crispy croutons and our butchers own homemade gourmet sausages which we roast in honey and are tossed in sesame seeds and served nice and hot…. Very very simple but full of flavour and just Moorish. This is what we have found guests want at a wedding …. Simple food that looks good and tastes great.
With canapés over the waitresses tidied up the back garden and returned all the equipment to the back of the catering tent where we have an assistant ready to start washing up. It is having the right people in the right places at all times that keeps you well ahead and keep on top of things all day long while wedding catering in Newport Pagnell.
While the canapés were being served the red wine was opened and placed on the tables so it had plenty of time to breath and the white wine and water which was chilled in the fridge was also placed ready for when the guests arrived in the marquee.
The guests were seated and it was time for starters. We had agreed two options and there was a choice of homemade carrot and coriander soup served with a warm continental roll or Parma ham served on a bed of rocket with mozzarella and fresh figs, served with a honey, lemon and basil infused olive oil dressing. The starters are all served to the table by our waitresses.
After clearing the starter’s course the plates and cutlery are taken to Jacquie who is busy in the background taking control of the washing up and clearing away. She is not often seen but is so important to our operation. You need someone at this stage to keep up with the clearing, washing and repacking of items or at the end of the day you end up in a pickle and cannot move for clutter. Again wedding catering in Bedfordshire is about planning and as well as fantastic food we are so well known for how we plan each event to get it right on the day.
The main course was a traditional meal… Quite straight forward but just delicious. Roast beef which we cooked medium rare as this will please everyone with a creamy mushroom sauce and was served with fluffy roasted new potatoes with garlic and rosemary along with Chantilly carrots and asparagus which was lightly fried in butter.
We cleared away after the main course and then served champagne for the toast drinks which followed the speeches. While the speeches were being made our team of chefs were dressing the desserts of torte au citron and strawberry shortcake bavarois with ripe berries, fresh mint, a coulis of summer fruits and thick fresh cream.
In the evening out team of bar staff were at hand to run the evening bar serving draught ales and lagers as well as branded spirits and mixers.
We left around 10:00pm and the bar staff then took over for the evening to satisfy the needs of the guests as they danced the night away to celebrate Silvia and Tony’s wedding.